A photo of Steve Johnson, PC Technician

My Story

My interest in technology goes way back to when I was young. Some of my earliest memories are firing up the Apple IIe to play some Oregon Trail! From there, I continued to play with emerging technology, tinkering with my desktop at home and getting into gaming.

All through high school, I continued playing games, upgrading my computer, and spending a lot of time with the iMacs in the school computer lab.

After graduating from high school, I got my A+ certification from the (then) New Hampshire Community
Technical College. Shortly after achieving this certification, I was hired by the Portsmouth School Department’s IT team to help support the five schools. The district used a mixed environment of PC and Mac, and was a blast!

After five years at the school department, I was offered a work from home position taking calls. I took on this position for a few years, but with a desire to get back to hands-on support, I started on my own.

My Approach

I believe in being on the side of my customers. I want to help you save
money where possible, and firmly believe that not every situation calls for buying new devices. When I  arrive for an on-site appointment
or connect for a remote session, the first thing I do is go over the specific issue with you. From there, we’ll go over what all the options are, and I’ll answer any questions you have to help pick out the best solution. Once everything is complete, we’ll go over everything to make sure your device is running correctly!

For more information on what being A+ Certified means, check out CompTIA’s information here!

Where can I get more information on available services?

Visit our Services page for more information on specific offerings. If you have a question about something not listed, simply call or email!