Check out some of the most common questions I get day-to-day. If your question isn’t answered here or on my Services page, please feel free to contact me!

I do not replace broken screens on phones or tablets.  Laptop screen replacements are limited to part availability.  If you're looking to have a phone or tablet repaired, please check out Innovative Cellular located here in Saint Petersburg.

If you're looking for a custom-configured desktop PC, I can help!  While off the shelf computers are good for most users, sometimes you want something a little different.  Custom builds are made using quality components and can accommodate most budgets.

I do not sell computers or any devices directly, but I am certainly happy to answer any questions and help point you make the best choice for a long-lasting device!

Data recovery from a dead hard disk requires special equipment and skills to safely pull the data.  This can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure and is not something I assist with.

If you simply have a drive from an old computer that hasn't died but is no longer in use, I can certainly help retrieve your documents and photos from it!

I provide full support for the configuration and use of all Apple products.  Hardware repairs and upgrades are limited to certain models and part availability.

I'd love to assist you with how to use the technology you have!  Give me a call to set up an hour or two to go over what you have!

I do not currently provide wall-mounting of TVs or other accessories.

If you have old PCs, printers, and other hardware that you'd like removed, please contact Urban E Recycling at